The Bawlf Rec Board's mandate is "To provide recreational opportunities and facilities on a local basis". We organize local sports programs and facilities. We do not pay user fees for programs offered elsewhere.

The Board consists of the executive and 10 Directors elected on an annual basis. Board is to consist of 2 village residents and 8 county residents. Rec Board is a registered Society and must file annual returns with the Province and submit an annual financial report to the County and Village of Bawlf.

The skating rink, ball grounds and former curling rink were all constructed and paid for by volunteers and volunteer organizations.

Recent capital projects:    
                                      Picnic shelter at Ball Grounds                                    $50,000
                                      Replace outdoor rink boards                                     $6,000
                                      Replace ball diamond backstops                              $5,000
                                      Replace Zamboni tractor                                            $10,000
                                      Snow Blower for skid steer                                        $5,000
                                      Purchase sports bus for school                                 $5,000
                                      Hardwood floors for floor curling in new hall       $20,000
                                      Folding bleachers for school gym                            $5,000

Planned capital projects include:
                                      Ball backstop at school                                              $7,000
                                      Portable soccer nets for school                               $3,000
                                      New rubber floor and benches for skate shack   $10,000
                                      Walking trail and benches for sports park             $10,000

President:  Ron Pederson
Treasurer:  Bryan Berg

Contact:      [email protected]

Annual General Meeting is held the third week in February. Other meetings are on an as required basis. 
Hours of Operation
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Monday - Thursday
8:00am -4:00pm
Closed from 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Box 40
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Bawlf, AB
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Phone : 780-373-3797

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